Monday, June 30, 2008

as i move

i've moved to...
i hope i continue to write and say the things i mean to say.

Saturday, April 22, 2006

to beddybye..

i should sleep. but somehow i push sleep away wanting to lose myself in tv.. believing tv truths instead of my own.

dreams.. i see vague..blurry bluish grey figures...stairs..and that's all i can remember for now. hah! how dramatic. i really have been seeing too many movies.
i always read before i go to sleep.. coz i think somewhere in my head is lodged the fact that i might imagine the book in my head as i sleep..instead of having my own thoughts haunt me. funnily enough that's exactly what happens. i'm night and day. i suppose i choose to be.

i should sleep....but i'm still watching tv and typing. i'd like to stay, but i really should leave. it bothers me...the size of my blogs.. i should type more... ramble on.. i know that isn't too tough for me. although there still is the sensation of something stuck in my guts waiting to be spat out.'ll be loud.

gnite... "...down will come baby...cradle and all."

Monday, March 06, 2006


It's not that big a deal as i'm makin it out to be. i guess.

When yesterday i was someone else. and i don't remember her.

Then that's one wasted night of my life i suppose. or not, coz i saw such fake people..including myself. smiling morons. so much effort, so much laughter, for nothing.

it's not like i 'party'. i'm not that ambitious. i think i belong in the old white cupboard, suitably cushioned beyond, against and above in my mother's saris. i think i know..

I'll put to rest with that bubble in my head.